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Achieving Our Mission: Campus Makes Great Progress Toward Strategic Plan Goals

Every day, UC San Diego campus members make great advancements toward our Strategic Plan mission and goals. From classroom and lab renovations to curriculum enhancements and new multidisciplinary research centers, the Strategic Plan guides our decisions and resource allocations, and enables us to seize opportunities that enhance our distinctiveness, quality and benefit to the community. Together, we are shaping a bright future for UC San Diego. Read about our achievements over the last year by clicking on the arrows below.

Goal 1

Delivering an educational and overall experience that develops students who are capable of solving problems, leading, and innovating in a diverse and interconnected world

  • Improved teaching facilities and instructional technology
  • Added new courses and research experiences in response to emerging fields
  • Created and began implementing faculty growth plan with the goal of adding 80 net new faculty over three years to help reduce the student to ladder-rank faculty ratio to 28:1
  • Worked to improve retention and graduation rates through numerous avenues, which include: streamlining curriculum requirements, creating the Four-Year Plan tool (allows students to plan and monitors their graduation path for all 130 majors), increasing offerings of bottleneck courses and expanding first-year experience courses
  • Established Teaching & Learning Commons
  • Began implementation of Graduate Student Growth and Excellence Initiative to increase graduate student and Ph.D. population, increase number of students and scholars with fellowships, increase average net stipends paid to all students across all divisions, and increase international student population
  • Commenced bicycle and pedestrian improvements on campus
  • Opened Triton Food Pantry to provide free food to students in need

Goal 2

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive university community that encourages respectful open dialogue, and challenges itself to take bold actions that will ensure learning is accessible and affordable for all

  • Designed and implemented TA training on diversity and pedagogy to support improved teaching and cultural awareness
  • Developed and held Teaching Diversity Conference
  • Created Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Series
  • Expanded the number of students who receive the Chancellor’s Associates Scholarship and boosted on-campus programming to further support the scholars
  • Increased outreach to disadvantaged businesses for contracted services
  • Added diverse art to campus including Sojourner Truth statue and the Art Park
  • Enhanced collaboration between Admissions and Campus Community Centers (Black Resource Center, Cross-Cultural Center, Raza Resource Centro) to amplify outreach efforts to over 40 high schools, community colleges, and student groups in Southern California, primarily low-income and first-generation students

Goal 3

Nurturing and supporting a collaborative and interdisciplinary research culture that advances the frontiers of knowledge, shapes new fields, and disseminates discoveries that transform lives

  • Formed committees to advance research themes – committees set for Understanding and Protecting the Planet and Enriching Human Life and Society; committees being created for Exploring the Basis of Human Knowledge, Learning and Creativity and Understanding Cultures and Addressing Disparities in Society
  • Created multiple interdisciplinary centers through the Frontiers of Innovation program to support four research themes, including Sustainable Power and Energy Center, Institute for Integrative Science of the Developing Mind and Brain, and Center for Research on Gender in STEMM
  • Launched 200 multidisciplinary student-research projects through Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program
  • Connected 600 students with research experiences through Undergraduate Research Portal
  • Enhanced multi-institutional research and signed 26 new international memoranda of understanding
  • Completed Space Study to examine use of existing space, policies for space management and campus facilities information system, and identify areas for improvement

Goal 4

Supporting and promoting just and sustainable forms of economic development, shared prosperity, and social and cultural enrichment regionally and globally

Goal 5

Creating an agile, sustainable, and supportive infrastructure by ensuring a dedication to service, people, and financial stewardship

Looking Ahead

Over the next year and beyond, we will continue our efforts to think boldly to identify and implement the unprecedented solutions that are necessary to ensure our continued level of excellence, and that fulfill our Strategic Plan goals. Looking ahead, we plan to:

  • Continue to focus on education and student initiatives, such as expanding supplemental instruction programs, trying novel approaches to advising and devising new, tested strategies to improve retention and time-to-degree
  • Continue to implement faculty growth plan
  • Expand master’s and Ph.D. programs
  • Create a Behavioral Concern Advice Line
  • Continue to forge donor and industry partnerships in key regions
  • Increase staff to promote student recruitment and retention, and strengthen community support
  • Increase alumni giving
  • Continue to utilize IdeaWave to solicit ideas and implement recommended process improvements throughout the organization
  • Address priority cyclical maintenance projects that have been identified
  • Complete EDI Dashboard, a real-time, web-based user interface that shows graphical presentations of the current status and historical trends of UC San Diego’s performance indicators

Our Mission

UC San Diego will transform California and a diverse global society by educating, generating and disseminating knowledge and creative works, and engaging in public service.

Our Vision

We will align our efforts to be a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.