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Great Progress, Bright Future

The world is about to become a better place. That’s because more than 8,000 new UC San Diego graduates are joining the ranks of our distinguished alumni, faculty and staff who are already positively impacting our society and planet. It’s also due to the efforts of our campus members to fulfill the five goals we collectively developed in our first-ever Strategic Plan and achieve our vision as a student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university.

As a public research university, UC San Diego has a responsibility to conduct and translate research so that it benefits our community and world. Just in the last year, UC San Diego faculty have made much progress in advancing our Strategic Plan’s four grand research themes. Read more...

Setting a Strong Course for the University

“Our success will be measured by our accomplishments and the societal impact that results from achieving our goals.” – Chancellor Khosla

Chancellor Khosla hosted a campus-wide Town Hall on April 24 at the Faculty Club to discuss the outcomes of UC San Diego’s first-ever Strategic Plan.  He talked about the five transformational goals and 13 strategies that were developed after garnering feedback from more than 10,000 campus and community members. He also shared early actions the campus has taken during the strategic planning process that support the plan’s goals, and expressed his excitement about the direction we are heading.  He said, as a public university, it is our responsibility to give back to society by educating global citizens, discovering new knowledge, creating new technology and contributing to our economy.  To learn more, view the Strategic Plan Executive Summary and the Chancellor's PowerPoint. The Chancellor will host additional Town Halls in the coming weeks.