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Aerial View of North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Center
North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood.

Defining Our Future

UC San Diego’s Strategic Plan was created to ensure sustainable excellence and to enable us to further engage our campus and community members, alumni, and supporters. As a living document, it continues to inform the identification and implementation of unprecedented solutions that have a transformative impact on the economic, social, cultural, and imaginative experiences of the communities we serve. Learn more about those solutions here.

Read the full Strategic Plan or the Executive Summary.

UC San Diego Geisel library

Campus Transformation

Guided by UC San Diego‘s first-ever Strategic Plan, the university is in the midst of a major transformation. Walk through campus and you can‘t miss the physical changes that are coming to life. Beyond the new buildings, there is an intellectual and cultural transformation underway that is reenergizing the student experience and sparking breakthrough research and innovation. The campus is on its way to becoming a true learning-living environment and a destination for art, culture, recreation, and world-class patient care.